The roadmap is just an initial guide and will be updated periodically.

Moonshots Dashboard 📊

One of the first ideas we'd like to add to improve Moonshots Farm is more advanced stats and tracking, so you can measure the performance of the moonshot tokens that you farm. These stats will help analyse how well our yields are growing and provide useful insights to help promote the platform! 🧑‍🌾

FarmFomo 🗝️

Bringing across the beloved farm game from the old NUTS platform is also a priority. If you have not played before, FarmFomo is a mash-up of the “no-loss lottery” concept mixed with a classic “Fomo3D” jackpot game which rewards players for buying the last key before the timer runs out, unlocking the jackpot reward! We hope to add many gamified farm concepts like this to Moonshots in future.

FarmGoo 🧪

Of course the highly requested Goo game will be reworked to a farm version and brought into this ecosystem. If you have not tried Goo out before it is the first Crypto Idle Game dating back to EtherGoo which was my first version in April 2018, since then there has been TronGoo, World War Goo, FragGoo & TronGoo2. Stay tuned for more details on how a gamified farm version will work!

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