Farming Info

Begin using Moonshots Farm by depositing CAKE into the Cake Vault

Cake Vault Info

This farm is an auto-compounding vault which earns CAKE for you over time automatically
Half of your CAKE yield goes to farm a trending/new moonshot token, which changes every other day!
As well as this, you earn bonus BONES apr weekly (added to your Farmed Moonshots) which means even higher earnings for you
You can unstake from the Cake Vault at any time.
Deposit Fee: 0% Withdrawal Fee: 0.2% (Goes towards BONES liquidity/buybacks/burns)

Farmed Moonshots Info

Once deposited, the vault contract automatically handles farming moonshots for you, which are then locked for 60 days to let them grow to their x1000 potential!
After the countdown has ended you can withdraw the farmed amount, you have 30 days to claim them (after which they will expire & buyback BONES to add to the bonus farming apr). The reason moonshots expire if unclaimed for 30 days is because some of the projects will unfortunately go to near $0 so some wont be worth claiming as a single farmer (bsc gas price) but once expired any unclaimed can collectively be swept in a single transaction for more BONES without wasting fees.
Once Moonshots Farm has been live for 2-3 months we hope to display more stats and info regarding past/current perfomance of all the moonshots farmed etc.