Welcome to Moonshots Farm!

What is Moonshots?

Moonshots Farm is the brand new fun way to freely farm trending new tokens every other day! Passively build a wide portfolio of potential x1000 moonshots, follow the communities and hope for high returns in future as your projects grow into the next SHIB/HEX/DOGE! 🐶 As well as our Moonshots Farm our project aims to be the hub for fun similar farm games, including FarmFomo, the highly requested FarmGoo game, and many more in future! 🎮

How Does It Work?

Farmers simply deposit their CAKE tokens into Moonshot's auto-compounding Cake Vault which will grow farmers CAKE tokens over time whilst also using the yield to farm a trending moonshot token (typically selected by community) that changes every other day, so farmers receive just over 180 potential moonshots yearly!

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