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BONES are the native token of the Moonshots Farm ecosystem, and can be staked to earn 5% of the yield as BNB from the moonshot farms, such as Cake Vault. BONES also benefits from buybacks from any expired/unclaimed moonshot tokens (we will add stats on this impact in future).

Initial Supply: 420k Max Supply: 6.9m

The initial supply of bones is solely for the liquidity drive (seeding PancakeSwap with ~100 BNB liquidity) so people can trade. After launch the old token NUTS will be able to exchange 1:1 for BONES, this will be 10% instant and remaining vests over 60 days.

BONES is inflationary to begin with (emits 20k tokens weekly bonus to the Moonshot farmers) but has a hard cap of 6.9m, so rewards will reduce over time and eventually stop. These additional rewards are locked for 60 days alongside the other moonshots farmed.

Finally BONES is deflationary with a 1% transfer fee, which is burnt to offset low inflation. As mentioned earlier, any unclaimed moonshots that expire (after the 60+30 days unclaimed) become BONES buybacks which can either be distributed as the farm rewards, or additional burn to offset further inflation.

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