Welcome to Moonshots Farm!

What is Moonshots?

Moonshots Farm is the brand new fun way to freely farm trending new tokens every other day! Passively build a wide portfolio of potential x1000 moonshots, follow the communities and hope for high returns in future as your projects grow into the next SHIB/HEX/DOGE!
As well as our Moonshots Farm our project aims to be the hub for fun similar farm games, including FarmFomo, the highly requested FarmGoo game, and many more in future!

How Does It Work?

Farmers simply deposit their CAKE tokens into Moonshot's auto-compounding Cake Vault which will grow farmers CAKE tokens over time whilst also using the yield to farm a trending moonshot token (typically selected by community) that changes every other day, so farmers receive just over 180 potential moonshots yearly!
Last modified 1yr ago